It wasn’t a long winter, but it was a late winter. A winter we had to carve our way out of. And like the labyrinth below, the way out seemed deceptively close until we realized we’d be making a few more turns inward.

For some reason this labyrinth form lives strongly in me. I began drawing it last winter when I was recovering from an unsavory virus. Over and over I drew it on round stones collected from the west beaches. I also drew the Cretan labyrinth, but this one, sometimes referred to as Hecate’s Labyrinth, became a well-worn pathway for me, not unlike my over-thinking mind.

Surprisingly, spring arrived right on cue, with the equinox. The morning sun was warmish and every bird was in full voice. For me, the bliss of spring is birdsong. I love birds, and they fill our scrappy yard with their exuberance.

On this morning I noticed new little pink plum blossoms falling from the trees. It wasn’t windy so why were they falling? I looked more closely and saw a family of house finches plucking at and EATING the blossoms! (No wonder these trees didn’t have plums last summer.)

I took a couple of photos through the back door window, then went out on the back deck. They didn’t seem bothered by me. In fact, there was a sleepy little fellow who let me take his photo while he enjoyed the sun.

Of course, I couldn’t let the fallen plum blossoms go to waste…

Spring blessings to you!!

4 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Dearest Pamela
    Your lovely labor of love labyrinth was magical and Jeff’s contribution I’m assuming was the photography and music. Or maybe it was all you? Fun and inspiring.
    Our plum tree blossoms are the best yet. Love to watch them float earthward.

    1. Thank you Sarah! It’s so nice to hear from you.
      Jeff appreciates the compliment, but in this case all came from my camera and old iMovie program.
      Plum trees ARE the best!

  2. Oh, how sweet. But I came to the end of it too quickly. Still, the photos are lovely. And the little fairy dwelling–I guess “little fairy” is redundant–but it’s gorgeous and I, hence forth, should never be surprised by your inspired creativity!
    “I have heard a mother bird singing in the rain,
    Telling all her little ones, ‘Spring is here again’…”

    1. Thank you Camille. Your encouragement means so much to me!
      It’s true that my posts are short. I’m overly conscious with how much people are already “scrolling through” in a day. Perhaps I’ll let that go and fully express myself and let the reader choose when to stop reading.
      Thanks also for the song memory – that simple opening and then the satisfying harmony when the next part comes in. Mmmmm…

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