The tasks of moving are complete, new day jobs are getting more familiar, the summer seems to have made its final exhalation, and I finally have the energy to indulge creative ideas.

I know I’m getting more settled because I’ve started a new collection of gathered natural objects from our outings. I love to forage! Some items I collect for a specific purpose (e.g. acorns for wee tea sets and decorative features). Other treasures I gather simply out of appreciation. But everything I bring home gets sorted and arranged, to be stored for a future project, or displayed to honor the substance itself.

This is part of a mandala I made with last fall’s collection.

During this summer of transition, stones have been filling my pockets and bags. They are very grounding!

Here is a small quartz medicine wheel I created a few weeks ago.

Quartz may be the most common stone on the planet, but it has been called the “Universal Crystal” because of its many uses. Among other things, it is believed that quartz is excellent for harmonizing and balancing one’s environment. That’s good enough for me!

From the rocky beaches, we’ve moved to the woods for fall treasures. With freshly gathered moss and bark (squeal), it’s time for a new neighborhood of Woodland Faerie houses!

When the mushrooms emerge, we’ll be taking props out for a photo shoot very soon.
This is from Orcas Island about 3 years ago.


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