Gather and Sort

Gather and Sort

Every season is special, but for me, fall is my favorite time to collect nature’s treasures. After all, everything is ripe. Still, I’m careful (and grateful) to gather only the fallen and the abandoned.

Poppy seed pods

Most of my gathering takes place as I walk to work (in the business office of an assisted living community). It’s a flat 1.3 mile route on the town portion of the Olympic Discovery Trail. The first half is in my neighborhood, and the other half is along the ditch across from the schools.

I LOVE my morning walk. Sentinels of the Olympic Mountains rise to the left of me, a marine layer often hugs the horizon to the right, and a wide open prairie sky is filled with more birds than I’ll ever find in my field guide.

Recently I was disappointed to notice what I thought was paper litter along the ditch. But when I looked more closely I noticed that the sheets of paper were the outer layers of a huge wasp nest. I found a section of the papery nest cells with 2 levels still attached to each other. I HAD to have it. So I made sure it was completely unoccupied and carefully carried it to work.

My poor bemused colleagues… they never know what I’m going to bring into the office. For awhile, it was fallen birch branches because I was whittling wands. Then, the acorns, and the bonus oak branches with acorns still attached. And of course, there are a never ending assortment of seedpods, bird feathers, and leaves. Oh my goodness, the leaves!

Smoke tree leaves

The REAL fun is to sort what I gather, and maybe even carve new life into something that has fulfilled its mission.

Close up and full mandala by Jeff

Take a walk, pick up some bits and pieces, and marvel at something real. I promise it will make you feel better!

14 thoughts on “Gather and Sort

  1. You are sooooooooooo creative and make such beautiful art!

    Hope you are enjoying this weekend off.

  2. I watched over and over! I felt like cheering you on as you worked. Jeff’s photography is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing this snippet of your life. I sure miss you two.

  3. How beautiful, dearest Pamela! You and Jeff are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us. So grateful you’re doing well. Have a sweet, relaxing Thanksgiving. Enfolding you in love.

    1. What a sweetie you are, Jill! Thank you.
      May you also have a lovely Thanksgiving.
      Keep shining that special light of yours 🙂

  4. So nice to hear from you and see that you all are well. And especially to see your beautiful creations! Saw an article today that made me think of you on “Lilliputian Landscapes”. What a lovely way to spend your free time. Hope your kitty is also well, and my friends at DC.

    1. Hi Janet!
      Thanks for the comment! Grace is more than fine. Folks at DC are hanging in there. I’ll say “hi” for you!
      I can’t wait to look up “Lilliputian Landscapes.”

  5. Hi There!
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing gathered creations.
    I’m so happy to see what you aRe up to theses days. Love the music and the overall mandala.
    Love and hugs
    Sarah and Matt

  6. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! You and your creative little brain. I just love it!!!
    And maybe, this time, I’ll go out and do some collecting of my own…

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