The Faces Of Rialto Beach

The Faces Of Rialto Beach

The kid in “The Sixth Sense” said, “I see dead people.” As for me, I see faces…and animals, angels, demons and characters from movies and comic books. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s clouds, grain and knots on a wooden fence or paint splatters on the floor – I’ll find something. My theory as to why that happens is that it’s a combination of a very active imagination and the mind’s desire to establish order from chaos, but that’s just my theory. It’s certainly not a burden for me, as it provides hours of entertainment. I was one of those stereotypical kids lying on his back watching the clouds change shape on a lazy afternoon.

Imagine my delight when Pam and I first visited driftwood-laden Rialto Beach during our first visit to the Olympic Peninsula back in 2013. Driftwood everywhere! Armed with my trusty DSLR, I set about trying to see if I could capture with the camera the figures I was seeing in my mind’s eye in such a way that someone else might be able to see the same thing when looking at a digital image.

Here then, is a selection from some of the many imaginative findings I’ve discovered during several trips to Rialto beach. I’ve titled them according to what I saw. You may see something different (or perhaps just a chunk of wood). Click on the image if you’d like to see it larger and then use your back arrow to return to the post. Have fun! I sure did.

Rialto Beach – Ben Grimm aka The Thing from The Fantastic Four
Rialto Beach – Grumpy Old Man
Rialto Beach – Roaring Lion
Rialto Beach – Calf Munching Hay
Rialto Beach – Quasimodo
Rialto Beach – The Old Dragon
Rialto Beach – Laughing Alligator
Rialto Beach – Fallen Angel
Rialto Beach – Camel
Rialto Beach – The Sleeper
Rialto Beach – Demon
Rialto Beach – “Why are you following me?!”
Rialto Beach – “Somebody buy me a drink!”
Rialto Beach – Zombie Seal
Rialto Beach – Sad Turtle

That’s all for now. If you saw all 15, treat yourself to a cup of coffee!

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