2018 Photo Review – part two

2018 Photo Review – part two

Sequim plays host to the Sequim Lavender Festival in July and though I once again avoided the crowds during the festival weekend, I managed to visit a few farms before the festival to photograph the lavender fields. Because there are so many lovely, similar photos of lavender, I enjoyed trying something a little more abstract:


More lavender in July – this time in our front yard. There is something about observing and photographing bees and lavender that makes me very happy.

Bees and Lavender

I was watching a heron peering into the tall grass at 3 Crabs Road. It suddenly made a grab and pulled out this vole or shrew. The heron dipped it in the water a few times and then it was “down the hatch!” I watched the whole thing unfold while leaning against a fence post to steady myself while observing through a 70-300mm lens.

The Eating of the Shrew

I requested that we grow some snapdragons this year so I would be able to observe the seed pod “skulls” for myself. Since Pam and I like to set up Wee Folk scenes anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a creepy one. Pam’s little wheelbarrow tied the whole scene together.

When Wee Folk go bad…

Near the end of August, Pam and I went down the street to Carrie Blake Park to check on the beautiful dahlias that a local group cares for. Over the years, dahlias have become my favorites. This photo of a red dahlia in all its glory is what I consider my best photo of the year. We had a framed canvas print done for the living room and I think it’s my best yet.


Living on the Olympic Peninsula has made me fall in love with clouds all over again. Clouds are what got me to buy a little Canon Powershot and start practicing photography in the first place. The mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca provide ample opportunities to enjoy the endless possibilities that clouds present.

Clouds and Gull

More clouds, including what looks to be a loop against the foothills. Taken from Schmuck Road (really!).

View from Schmuck Road

My supervisor at the Olympic Medical Center gave me a heads-up that the leaves on a tree outside our office were worth a look. She was right.


Lake Crescent is a place we are always excited to visit. We finally took a hike along the Spruce Railroad Trail in late September. It took us a lot of extra walking to find this little bridge, but it was a perfect day and after walking waaaaay past it, we managed to see it on our way back.

Footbridge at Devil’s Punchbowl, Lake Crescent

We took a ride to the top of Mt. Walker and did not forget to bring some birdseed in case the grey jays were about. Happily, they were a few hanging around the parking lot and we managed to be there before any kids and dogs were about. This little scene makes me think of Snow White doing her laundry with all her animal friends. I have never seen wild birds so unafraid of humans.

Bird Whisperer

Thanks for looking! I’ll be doing one more 2018 post in a few days.

4 thoughts on “2018 Photo Review – part two

  1. Jeff, You sure were in the right place at the right time for that Heron eating the shrew. What were the odds of that!
    The skulls were hilarious! I’m still smiling!
    The red dahlia is beautiful but it’s only second to my “lily and frogs” photo from you. I’m so happy to have that one, thanks again.

    1. I could see that the heron was looking at something, so I just kept watching through the camera until something happened. I took probably 15 shots, but that was the only one good enough to use. It was thrilling, though.

  2. Ah, the bees and lavender… the “Lord of the Fairy Folk” scene, yes. But the DAHLIA – gorgeous! And I love, love, love Cinderella with SHORT HAIR! Wow, so cute!
    I feel like the distance between us is a made a little shorter by your sharing of these beautiful photos.
    Thank you so much ~ Camille

    1. Ahh, Cinderella, not Snow White. I want to thank you for all your kindness over the years. You are so suportive.

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