2018 Photo Review – part one

2018 Photo Review – part one

I do enjoy looking back over a year’s worth of photos. I tell myself that “this year” I will try and limit myself to just 10 or 12 photos, but it never happens. As I did last year, I’m going to split the photos into a few different posts of 12 photos each. These aren’t necessarily what I think are the strongest photos, but images that speak to me for one reason or another. One tip – if you click on a photo, it will open in a new tab. Just close the tab to be back in the main body.

Here we go:

In early January, Pam and I went to one of our favorite places, Rialto Beach on the west coast of the Peninsula. I always like to try a few long-exposure/ICM experiments while at the beach.

Rialto Beach long-exposure

I do think Mallards are gorgeous and this one lined up in a nice color palette.


I’ve only done a few stitched photos ever, but I wanted to try one at the County Park out by the spit. This is from a fantastic spot along a trail that has a clear view of the Olympic Mountains.

Olympic Mountains

In early March, I was invited by a really nice guy, David, to ride along in his very small homemade two-seater airplane. The right side of the plane is a totally clear door, so it was perfect for taking photos. David knew I was interested in seeing the mountains and was kind enough to head in that direction after we toured the Strait. The clouds were great that day. Bonus!

3000 feet over the Olympic foothills

This next photo is from another of our favorite haunts along the Strait, Three Crabs Road. These two eagles look to be plotting something. For the first time, I had a pretty successful year photographing eagles. That was nice.

“I’ll distract it and you swoop in for the kill.”

We witnessed some spectacular sunrises this year. Just past our backyard gate is a large church field that allows for nice sunrise photos. I think this one was right after a time change, which allowed me time to run out for a few minutes before leaving for work.

Morning Light

During one of my lunchtime walks in the neighborhood surrounding the hospital, I was fortunate to capture this lovely tulip with hyacinths in the background.

Tulip & Hyacinths

This momma hummingbird built its almost invisible nest in a tree right outside Pam’s workplace. Her eggs hatched not long after I photographed this.

Hummingbird in nest

I was excited to see some butterflies in May along the Dungeness River on the fish hatchery trail.

While driving around a neighborhood on the mountain side of Sequim, we spotted this deer in a yard just off the road. I was able to stop and make a photo from the car. This deer seemed so excited to see us!


This next offering is again from Three Crabs Road. I waited until the Caspian Tern flew right over the lighthouse. Great clouds, too.

Caspian Tern above the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

This was our first June in the area and we were thrilled to see that we have red poppies in a back corner of our yard.

Red Poppy

Thanks for looking! I’ll post another batch from 2018 very soon.

8 thoughts on “2018 Photo Review – part one

  1. Jeff,
    I enjoyed them all, but like everyone else the deer was a hoot with the “Hi”!
    The “morning light” was awesome!
    I can’t believe you got a photo of a humming bird being still. I’ve never seen one not flying. They are such a small bird I can’t imagine what the baby birds looked like. Did you get to see them at all?

    1. I’m so glad you liked them, Fiona! And look at you, making a comment on my WordPress site! What a techie you’ve become.
      I wish I would have seen the babies, but I did not. I was really happy to get a shot with the mom in the nest, though. They even use spiderwebs to help attach the nest to the limbs.

  2. Beautiful sunrise! You do so well with the colors and framing of subjects. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I’ll be the plane ride was a blast!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! Some of the sunrises this year were breathtaking. The plane ride was definitely a highlight. I have wanted to have that experience for years. Always nice to cross one off the bucket list.

  3. I like the deer. She does appear to be saying, “Hi”
    Fun to view your beautiful pics with captions.

    1. Isn’t that deer cute? It looks so happy.
      Thanks for having a look. I’ll be posting two more in the next few days.

  4. What fun! I love looking at your work. And it’s nice that you include some narrative as well. This time my faves are the tulip and the hummingbird. What a great shot. How close were you actually?

    1. I was pretty darn close. I was using my big lens, but was only far enough back to be able to use it and not freak out the bird too much. It was actually right next to the employee smoking area. Go figure. 🙂

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