2018 Photo Review – Final

2018 Photo Review – Final

Thanks to anyone who made it this far! I was putting this together and began to second-guess some of my choices, but in the end I felt it best to just leave it alone. My cousin, Ed, had been disappointed that he couldn’t view the photos as a slideshow, so I’m going to put a gallery together of the 2018 photos for anyone interested in seeing them all together.

I hadn’t taken a vacation in quite some time, but by October, I was finally in a position to take a week off. Pam and I decided to go explore Vancouver Island B.C. During a stay in Ucluelet, we went searching for a spot to view what we hoped would be a nice sunrise. Talk about getting what you asked for…

Sunrise at Ucluleet, B.C.

Every fall, I look forward to seeking out mushrooms to photograph. I haven’t been too impressed with what I’ve found so far around Sequim, but we had much better luck during our trip to Vancouver Island. Pam spotted this grouping along side a road leading to a lookout area.

One of our side trips during our vacation was a hike to Englishman Falls.

Englishman Falls, B/C.

We had some time to kill in Victoria, B.C. before catching the ferry home, so we explored the fantastic Beacon Hill Park. I managed to spot the nest of a pair of eagles we’d seen flying around and then planted myself until they eventually took off out of the nest.

Bald Eagle at Beacon Hill Park

I captured this photo of pigeons on a wire during one of my walks on my lunch break and just liked the way it looked with the light and shadow.


One more eagle. This was from above a shallow pond at a local fish hatchery by the Dungeness River. There were two eagles that were keeping an eye on what looked to be easy fishing. This is one of them.

Bald Eagle at the Fish Hatchery

Intentional Camera Movement photo taken on a trail along the Dungeness River. I think this was my favorite abstract of the year.

Along the Trail

No year would be complete without a walk down to Washington St. to watch the annual Sequim Tractor Parade. I find it much more interesting and dynamic when viewed as long exposures. I try to move the camera along with the tractor to maintain some detail.

Sequim Tractor Parade

A view of Mt. Baker partially shrouded in clouds and the snow-capped mountain range that runs in front of it. Taken from the Port Williams boat launch overlooking the Strait.

Mt. Baker & Friends

Impressive clouds from our backyard looking north.


During a county-wide power outage, Pam lined up some votive candles on our wood stove. We still had a skull sitting there that I bought as a Halloween decoration. I felt there were definite photographic possibilities and played around for a while before remembering my crystal ball prop. That was the secret. When I looked at this, I immediately thought, “Well, that’s everyone’s fortune, eventually.” 🙂

Fortune Teller

We have a partial view of the Olympics from our living room. On Christmas day, I noticed this nice mist and light on the trees. I grabbed my camera and headed out into the street to a spot I could zoom in with no wires in the way. The photo has really grown on me over the last weeks.

Misty Mountains

Happy 2019 everyone!

8 thoughts on “2018 Photo Review – Final

  1. Jeff,
    Well, some of your photos are a little creepy, that is what makes them fun.
    I like to see birds on a wire also. It always amazes me that birds of a feather do flock together and almost the same distance apart on a wire and all looking in the same direction, why?

    1. Next time I see those pigeons, I’m going to ask them. I’ll get back to you on that. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, as usual! My favorite of this group has to be the big clouds. That is just spectacular. But the skull one is pretty good. Very creative. Miss you guys! Hugs to Pam

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’m so glad you liked the big clouds. One of my faves.
      Thanks for looking.

  3. really love the mushrooms I am sure that if I look hard enough I will see a gnome leaning up against one of them

  4. The sparkle of sunlight at Englishman Falls, the wingspread of the bald eagle in flight, the appearance of great speed on that tractor–all fun. As for the pigeons, I believe I could sing that upper octave…but the one that made me laugh out loud was your comment above “Fortune Teller.” I had to explain myself to John, who appreciated it.

    1. I’m so glad you and John were able to see the humor. Some people go right to “creeped out.”

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