2017 Photo Review – Part Two

2017 Photo Review – Part Two

Part two of my 2017 photo review will include 12 images that were taken after Pam and I moved to Sequim, Washington. I found that this second part was harder to narrow down than the first half. I know from experience that it’s harder to get perspective on quality with photographs that are recent. Compounding the problem is that everything is new to me around here, thus exciting! I originally had chosen 20 images, but that was clearly too many (I know what you’re thinking, “So is 12!”).  This may go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – if you click on the image, you will see a much larger version.  You can hit your back arrow to return to the main body.  Here we go:

We have landed in the “Lavender Capitol” of the west. Pam and I avoided the crowds during the Lavender Festival, but we did go out the week before it started and checked out some of the farms. I took this next ICM photo almost as an afterthought before leaving one of the many places we visited.

Lavender Swirl – ICM

During one of my walks in nearby Carrie Blake Park, I spotted this blossoming poppy that hadn’t yet shed its casing. When I showed it to Pam, she immediately blurted out, “Oh my God, it’s Princess Leia!” I hadn’t thought of that, but she was absolutely right.

Princess Leia Poppy

No year end review of mine would be complete without at least one bee photo.  I spotted this beauty during a hike we took in the forest of a relatively new State Park between Sequim and Port Townsend.

Thistle Bee

I had to include this next shot because it has several iconic Olympic Peninsula elements in it – Mt. Baker, the Strait of Juan de fuca, a kayaker, Whidbey Island and a bird.

Mt. Baker

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a Mottled Tiger Moth ( to be?).

Mottled Tiger Moth

This next photo is of Madison Falls, Though it is only a 3 minute walk from a parking lot, it’s in a semi-remote area, so there isn’t usually much of a crowd. That’s important if you’re me.

Madison Falls

When my mom and step-dad visited in October, we took a ride up to Hurricane Ridge for an afternoon. I brought along my Nikon P900 super zoom camera as well as my D90.  The picture quality on the P900 is not that great, due to its small sensor, but the zoom is jaw-dropping and that makes it nice to have along sometimes. It’s like shooting through a telescope. This image of Mt. Olympus and Blue Glacier is a partial zoom from the visitor center deck.

Mt. Olympus and Blue Glacier

This next one is my favorite photo of the year. Seeing and photographing an owl has been on my bucket list for years. During a morning walk at a county park, I looked up and saw this owl looking right at me. It was perhaps 30 feet away. I slowly switched lenses on my camera and spent the next 6 minutes taking photos of this magnificent creature until it finally flew off.

Barred Owl

Another bird – this time a Grey Jay. They are lovely little birds that will land right on your hand if they think you have food. I had a few of those shots, but they were all blurry. Maybe next year!

Grey Jay

On our way back from Bellingham, Pam and I took a little detour to visit Cranberry Lake on Whidbey Island. We were treated to some beautiful views of rising mist on the lake.

Cranberry Lake

I have come to really look forward to taking ICM photos in the fall. The changing hues of the leaves bring some welcome color options to the abstract artist’s palette.

Forest ICM

Occasionally, Pam and I will bring along some of her Wee Folk accessories when we hike in the forest. We have been making slow progress in honing our skills at choosing the right places to set up, composing both the scene and the photograph and getting the shot. It’s been a real learning experience, but we feel like we are getting close. This is a shot I liked from our last attempt.

A Gated Community

Thanks again for having a look. Have a wonderful 2018!

8 thoughts on “2017 Photo Review – Part Two

  1. Another vote for the gated community. LOL

    And I do love the owl.

    But I think the misty lake is my favorite…

    But I have to say this. As truly wonderful as I find your photos, just as wonderful is the text that expresses, in simple, honest, straightforward words, two people who love life, and live right, and take delight in being here. Images, words, and the two of you: a tonic for turbulent times.

    1. I don’t know what I did to deserve such sweet people in my life.

      Your owl shouldn’t bee too far away now. I’m going to get a metallic print done for myself when I have your print done.

  2. Nicely done, Jeff. I love the Barred owl as it reminds me of an adventure I had one winter discovering a snowy owl discovering me! (I think I told you that story.) The lavender swirl reminds me of our trip to the lavender farm outside of Portland. I zoomed way in on the Thistle Bee and was quite impressed. And, of course, the “Gated Community” is the most fun. Beautiful gate, Pam!

    1. Thanks, Camille! A snowy owl is still on my bucket list.
      I just saw the photos of you and Pam at the Lavender farm the other day. You’re both still cute as ever.
      People seem to like the “Gated Community.” That’s encouraging.

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