2017 Photo Review – Part One

2017 Photo Review – Part One

Photographers love to look back on a year’s harvest of photos and I am no exception.  In this post I’m going to include a few photographs from the first half of the year that meant something to me for one reason or another,  along with some brief descriptions.

2017 was a year that Pam and I took a big leap of faith and left the stability we’d established in Portland and relocated to the Olympic Peninsula.  This had been a dream of ours for some years and though it was something of a scary transition, we haven’t regretted it once.

The  photos below are all from before we moved, though some are from scouting trips to the peninsula.

January was bitter cold in Portland, as it was all along the Pacific Northwest. We had huge icicles hanging from the gutters on the side of our rental that made for a nice photo opportunity.  I was playing around with the temperature adjustment on the photo below and really liked how it turned to a beautiful gold color.

The Icy Hand of Winter

In early February,  Portland hosts the “Portland Winter Lights Festival.”  It’s a fun celebration of light in the midst of darkness. One of my favorite displays was this arrangement of lighted rabbits.

Portland Winter Light Festival

Near the end of February, Pam and I took a ride east into the Columbia River Gorge and went to one of our favorite spots along the lower Hood River. On the way,  I saw this incredible view of Mt. Hood and pulled over to take some photos. As I did,  an eagle circled for several minutes coming in and out of the frame of the mountain and clouds. Though the color looks kind of weird in this photo, it is an accurate depiction of how the scene really looked.  That was one of the reasons I pulled over – the blues were unique.

Mt. Hood with eagle

I have taken many photos of Blue Herons.  There are only a handful that I’m happy with.  Below is one of them – taken in late March at the Reed College Nature Reserve.

Great Blue Heron

A few days later,  I was taking a walk outside of the Chinese Garden in Old Town/Chinatown in Portland.  I took several photos of these pink-tinged white magnolias at the peak of their bloom.  This was my favorite.


In the Milwaukie neighborhood, in front of the Waldorf school where Pam worked, is a spectacular pink magnolia tree.  We waited for weeks for it to bloom.  One afternoon, I snapped this photo and was delighted by the bokeh (out of focus background) and by the way one of the unfurling leaves looks like a grasshopper.

Pink Magnolia w/bokeh

Here’s a shot of my very favorite lake, Lake Crescent, taken during a vacation/scouting trip to the Olympic Peninsula in April.

Lake Crescent

During the same April vacation we visited Fort Worden near Port Townsend. I became very excited as I realized I had found another great place to explore my ICM experimentations.

Batteries of Fort Worden ICM

In May,  I made a solo trip to Yachats, my favorite spot on the Oregon coast.  I had so much fun shooting waves from the side by positioning myself on rocks where water rushed into a channel.  The light was great and the water was a beautiful turquoise color.

Yachats Wave, ICM (intentional camera movement)

This was taken in our front yard in Portland.  There was a bush that I used for insect nature study.  I took this in June when the ants were setting up their herds of aphids on the stems of the bush.  I loved how the ants were transparent with the backlighting.


During another scouting trip to the peninsula,  I pulled over and climbed out on a log to get some reflection shots at Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake reflections

This is one of the last photos I took in Portland before the move.  I went one last time to the Rhododendron Garden.  It was a place I went to many times to practice photography, beginning soon after I purchased my first Canon Powershot.  Over the years, I have learned that the best way to get a dragonfly shot is to settle into a spot where they might be likely to land and wait for them to come to you instead of chasing after them.


If you made it this far,  thanks for reading (and looking)!  My next post will be a review of the second half of the year after we moved to Sequim.

11 thoughts on “2017 Photo Review – Part One

  1. As always, Jeff, I am thrilled to view your artwork. What beautiful images to start 2018 with! Thank you for sharing. I am waiting to hear that you and Pam have taken another leap of faith and opened the Williams – Gifford Gallery (the real deal, where people can sit and be surrounded by Nature’s and human creations as captured by you). It’s going to happen one day, I just know it! Keep shooting!

  2. Great array of subjects; all well done. Happy New Year and keep up the good work. Davy

    1. How kind of you! Thanks, Davy! I’ll be posting the second half either tonight or tomorrow.
      Happy New Year!

  3. Stop it! (not really).
    I’m so tickled you liked it. I’m trying to whittle down my choices for the second half now. I will send you a photo Pam took of me taking pictures at Beaver Lake.

  4. What a treat for New Year’s Day! I clicked on Beaver Lake reflections and it took my breath away. It is so wonderful to view your talent.
    Love, Mom

  5. As always, Jeff, your eye and talent shine. So grateful to be included on your email list. Such a treat! Happy New Year, may this year be filled with fun, love and good health!
    Looking forward to your next half of last year’s photos.
    Matt and I send you two love.

    1. How’d you get so sweet?!
      Happy New Year to you and Matt! Pam and I both hope you have a great 2018.
      I’m working on the second half right now.

  6. Just wonderful, Jeff. I finally got a chance to look at everything this morning, New Year’s Day. And I hope you’re both having a good one.
    I love the choices you made (which must have been very difficult) and the variety represented, from the magnificent magnolias–just stunning–to the luscious landscapes which make me want to be there. And you end it all with a dragonfly curtsying to your camera. How’d you get ‘im to do that?
    It’s really fun to see your review in photos; looking forward to the next installment.
    Love to you both.

    1. Thanks so much, Camille! I have recently been deleting a few thousand photos, so I had some recent chances for review. That helped shorten the choosing time.
      I hope you are staying warm and that you have a wonderful 2018.

  7. I enjoyed looking at these photos! Now I have to go to Beaver Lake and Lake Crescent. They were my favorites along with the ants/aphids photo. Sometimes things are just meant to be, and I think your decision to move north was one of them. Things have worked out so well for you. Wishing you and Pam a wonderful New Year and 2018! (I’ll probably be in bed by 9:00pm tonight!)

  8. happy new years I just saw these today as I worked all week and now have 5 more days before I get a day off if 10 days in a row doesn’t kill me I might survive this job Big Sis

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