12:1 Twig Chair Tutorial

12:1 Twig Chair Tutorial

These are the first chairs I made in 12:1 scale.

I started with the seat, added front legs, then added long back legs which also support the back of the chair. For my first chairs I used hot glue. Now I use tacky glue, or Gorilla wood glue because the furniture just won’t hold up with hot glue, but it’s a great way to quickly construct something. The long back support legs have always been a little tricky to set so I’ve simplified the process by making all 4 legs equal and adding separate back supports.

Here’s what you’ll need: branches, pruning shears, glue, sandpaper or emery board. Sanding is optional, but I have come to love the look and the glue holds a little better.


For this tutorial I’ll demonstrate the 1:12 scale, which means, 1 inch = 1 foot. (I just measured one of my dining room chairs and scaled down.) Except for the back supports which are 1 3/4 inches, all other pieces are 1 1/2 inches. Once you understand the construction technique, you can scale up or down for any size that you want!

Line up 8 or 9 twig pieces in a square and glue 2 twigs perpendicular to the square, about a 1/4 inch from the sides: the diameter of your twig legs. This is the underside of the seat.


Add a dollop of tacky glue to each of the 4 corners and add your 4 legs. You will have to babysit those legs for a few minutes while they set up. Keep turning the base and make sure the legs are straight. Or you can flare them out just a bit.


When the legs have set you can turn it upright. It looks like a little end table!

Now you can add the back supports, and once they are set, you can add the top support.



Now you can create the back rest for your chair. You can use a leaf, or thinner curved twigs, or an interesting branch. Have fun!