We are Pamela and Jeff Williams-Gifford.

When we married in 1985, we knew we were entering into a creative partnership that would also honor who we are as individuals. So, we both adopted both names, a gesture we have never regretted (well… except maybe when signing checks).

Inspired by the natural world, we playfully follow our muses through photography, video, music, woodwork, collage and mandalas, just to name a few traditional outlets.

We don’t have a brand; we have a mission: to live a life that respects and encourages creativity.

We are artists working day jobs, who are thrilled to spend an afternoon/evening watching the sunset sky instead of the “news.”

We hunt for fall mushrooms, drink B&B over ice on the winter solstice, and don’t mind an occasional weekend of torrential rain so we can stay in our pajamas.

Pamela will sit under the plum trees and whittle branches for hours, while Jeff plays guitar or edits photographs.

We love to pack a lunch and hit the road early to watch the day arrive on ridges or beaches. Our agenda: to be seduced by simple wonders.

The camera records, our souls are fed, and ideas emerge.
More and more we find that our work intersects into collaborative projects.